Sales Enablement Is Like Coffee

For three reasons: 1) Better with your friends because that’s where you get the gossip (tribal knowledge). 2) Should be the time it takes to drink a coffee. 3) Should cost no more than a cup of coffee.

According to Gartner, 76% of salespeople feel that the sales enablement they receive makes selling too complicated, causing them to disengage. has developed the Tribe program to reduce this complexity and deliver the impactful sales enablement salespeople want. 

Tribal Gatherings are 20-30 minute weekly meet-ups that use a standardized, repeatable framework to learn, share and coach tribal sales knowledge. The curriculum is designed afresh for each quarter of your year, so it’s relevant, timely, and impactful sales enablement.

Tribal Gatherings are run by the tribal leader. The sessions start with a short e-learning video from the library covering the selected subject in under 5 minutes. The Tribe then share tribal knowledge on how the subject really works with their customers by sharing deal-based examples. The tribal leader then uses the session coaching card to gain commitment from the Tribe on how they will use and implement the tribal learnings in their deals. All of this is managed through the Tribe system online.

Let's have a virtual coffee and talk about how Tribe sessions can super-charge your sales enablement.