What is Tribe?

Tribe is a quarterly program of weekly 30 minute meet-ups (gatherings) where salespeople learn for 5 minutes, share tribal sales knowledge for 10 minutes and are coached for 15 minutes. Tribal Gatherings have a standardized, repeatable framework, with a curriculum designed around your sales cadence (month/quarter/half/year) and your needs. They are run by the tribal leader, which can be the sales manager, team member or a sales coach. This new approach to sales enablement ensures the Tribe receives the learning and coaching they need in the way they want it, without spending too much time on non-sales activities. 

The Challenge

According to Gartner, 76% of salespeople feel that the sales enablement they receive makes selling too complicated, causing them to disengage. 66% of sellers report they expect most learning and development to occur experientially outside the classroom socially through their colleagues.  Simu.ly has developed the Tribe program to reduce this complexity and deliver the impactful sales enablement salespeople want. 

Tribal Knowledge

In most sales organizations, there is a large amount of knowledge about selling that is only known to specific salespeople. This information is called Tribal Knowledge. Learned from customer conversations, lost deals, and won deals, this is what salespeople want to learn from each other. However, it is a challenge for sales organizations to turn tribal knowledge into structured sales enablement.

To solve this, Simu.ly has created Tribal Sales Gatherings that capture Tribal Knowledge, allowing salespeople to share actionable deal insights across the sales teams. Because the sessions are based on how salespeople actually learn, they are 80% more effective than traditional sales enablement interventions AND have an immediate impact on revenue.

RAPID Framework

Tribal Sales Gatherings take no longer than a coffee break because they have a standardized, repeatable framework called RAPID. This allows the sales tribe to learn, share and coach tribal sales knowledge rapidly.

Gatherings start with a short e-learning video from the Simu.ly library covering the selected subject in under 5 minutes. The Tribe then share tribal knowledge on how the subject really works with their customers by sharing deal-based examples. The tribal leader then uses the session coaching card to gain commitment from the Tribe on how they will use and implement the tribal learnings in their deals. All of this is managed through the Tribe system online. The curriculum is designed afresh for each quarter of your year, so it’s relevant and timely enablement.

In-field and In Deals

With so many non-selling activities eating into selling time, the last thing anyone wants to do is pull salespeople out of the field for training. Non-selling time and complex sales operations are problems for all sales teams, so Tribe Gatherings are held in-field to minimize disruption.

Tribal Gatherings directly impact deals because the tribe shares examples of how they have used the learning in-field and in deals. This creates an immediate impact on sales metrics.

Built Around Your Quarter

Tribal Gatherings mirror your quarter. In month one, we focus on outreach and building a strong pipeline. In month two, we focus on maximizing the deals you have, and in month three, we focus on closing the deals down so you hit your numbers. At the end of each quarter, a Simu.ly sales enablement specialist plans and sets up the next quarter of sessions based on your Tribal needs.

Experiential and Social

Everyone wants to be part of a Tribe! It’s such a potent part of sales enablement because salespeople want to learn proven tricks and tips from each other. They also hold each other accountable, which is a critical part of coaching the Tribe.

How salespeople learn is important. Only 10% of what they learn comes from traditional interventions like classroom training and e-learning. 70% comes from experience and 20% from social interactions. Tribal Gatherings are a combination of experience (70%) and social learning socially (20%), and so it is 80% more effective than traditional enablement.

Coaching Made Easy

Coaching and learning are important, but they are seldom urgent, and that is why sales managers find it challenging to find the tome to coach, so we’ve made coaching Tribe Gatherings super easy. The Manager leads the session using a standard, repeatable coaching process that drives accountability. The Tribe uses the session coaching cards to ensure they use the session’s learning in their deals.


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