design bespoke sales playbooks for companies and give their sales activities a brand identity. This improves engagement, creates a sense of identity, and makes your sales process a unique competitive differentiator.

Your Own Sales Playbook is a Unique Differentiator

Which sales playbook will you choose? Sanderson, Miller Heiman, Challenger, Huthwaite, or another? There’s no shortage of playbooks that salespeople can learn. The sales techniques are all good, but the programs fail because the methodology is brought from the outside in. Even with tailored programs, there’s a Herculean effort required to force salespeople to adopt them. And that unsustainable effort is why these programs ultimately fail, time after time. overcome this by designing your bespoke playbook from the inside out. We work with your salespeople, decoding, and scaling the tribal knowledge that has been proven to win deals. A playbook written by the salespeople for the salespeople is a much easier way to scale sustainable sales effectiveness. And the best thing is that it will be a unique differentiator. Nobody else will have the same playbook as you.

A new brand for your best sales asset.

This sales playbook brand identity was designed for a company who had a patchwork of different models, methodologies and tools from a succession of different sales leaders. Called DISRUPT, the company wanted a brand to inspire the salesforce to disrupt the marketplace.

DISRUPT aligned the sales process, the customer buying process and the critical actions that drove success in deals. In this way, the DISRUPT playbook pulled the different assets they had into one coherent brand and message that turned a patchwork into something easier to communicate, coach and manage.

Sales Growth by Design

Creating a bespoke methodology based on customer sales interactions has traditionally been considered too complex and expensive. But the world has changed, and technology now allows us to build sales playbooks around salespeople and customer interactions for individual sales organizations. Using this ‘Inside Out’ approach drives higher engagement levels, allowing sales organizations to scale sales effectiveness more easily. To design your methodology and playbook, we use our own proprietary sales playbook structure.

Sales Playbook Structure

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