design bespoke sales playbooks for companies and give their sales activities a brand identity. Here are examples of playbooks we have designed for clients.

The Six Cs

The Six Cs is a sales program comprising six modules designed to drive the customer buying process. The playbook was designed for a financial services company that sold complex solutions to enterprise customers. The first task was to identify the buying process, which had not been done. They’d had a series of sales methodologies mainly focused on questioning, and they wanted to pull the various components that had worked into one sales methodology. They also need to add: 1) a disruptive way to kick-start the buying process in new prospects, 2) negotiating as they were losing margin, and 3) a way to hand-off successfully to customer success to drive up customer retention.


This sales playbook brand identity was designed for a company who had a patchwork of different models, methodologies and tools from a succession of different sales leaders. Called DISRUPT, the company wanted a brand to inspire the salesforce to disrupt the marketplace.

DISRUPT aligned the sales process, the customer buying process and the critical actions that drove success in deals. In this way, the DISRUPT playbook pulled the different assets they had into one coherent brand and message that turned a patchwork into something easier to communicate, coach and manage.


PERFECT is a sales playbook comprising seven modules designed to drive a seven-step customer buying process. The playbook was designed for a FinTech company that sold solutions to small and medium-sized businesses. The client had already decided to call their program PERFECT but only had a questioning methodology. It needed to be augmented with the other skills required from open to close. Additionally, the framework needed to be easily coachable and fit with a coaching framework; please see below.

Perfect Coach

Perfect Coach was the coaching curriculum to help embed the Perfect Sale. In addition to putting the sales managers through the coaching course, we developed an app to measure the salespeople’s competencies in-field. Because the program was for a FinTech company, the documenting of competencies helped with sales regulation and competency development.

ELITE Performance

ELITE Performance is a sales playbook written for a pharmaceutical company. The challenge they had was that their salespeople could no longer buy gifts for Doctors, and the number of sales appointments reduced dramatically. The company had tried to roll out an in-house version of SPIN selling but had missed out parts of the SPIN system, and so it was failing. The name they had already chosen for their program was ELITE, and they wanted to keep this. So the task was to make the playbook work and re-brand it inline with the existing vocabulary. We started by defining the diagnostic process Doctors go through and then mapped sales competencies that added value to the diagnostic process.


This negotiation playbook was designed for a SAAS company that had a sales process but struggled to win against the competition and lose margin on the deals they won. In other words, they were selling on price but wanted to sell on value. For this reason, the BARTER framework is not at the end of the sales process but looks at what to do throughout the sales process to build value so that it can be negotiated successfully. For this reason, it aligns with the sales process and the customer buying process.


The PITCH playbook was written for a technology company that wanted its salespeople to communicate value more confidently. The first step was to change how they pitched by starting with customer insight and impact, rather than starting with themselves and their solution. The second was to show them how to facilitate customer decision-making to drive a successful close to the pitch. Confidence soon returned when the salespeople had the tools to manage these key areas.

GROWTH Workouts

GROWTH workouts were a negotiation playbook designed for a multi-national packaging company. They’d had two sales methodology failures and also had different teams with different sales playbooks due to acquisition. Now in its eighth year, this program has stood the test of time and has captured millions of dollars of value.

Helping Customers Buy

Helping Customers Buy is a playbook created for a national insurance company that wanted to modernize how their salespeople sold. The first step was to differentiate between direct and indirect selling, which had not been considered before. The second was to show how to help customers through the buying process.

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