Launderama is the textile rental company who claim that it’s, “Never a drama.” They are one of the largest providers of workplace uniforms, protective work wear clothing and related laundry services in the country. Launderama design, manufacture, personalize, rent, clean, deliver, and sell a wide range of uniforms and protective clothing to a variety of manufacturers, retailers and service companies.

The backstory, is that Launderama has undergone rapid growth in the last century but, due to the decline in manufacturing and mismanagement, Launderama is now quite a drama, and in decline. A new CEO called Murphy Butler has just joined Launderama with the clear goal of turning their ailing fortunes around.

Launderama makes a great simulated company to sell into, because there are many problems to be solved, and they have new leadership with budget to find solutions to the companies many problems. Launderama is also a manufacturing and services business and this gives a broad range of potential issues to use in role plays.

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