Sales managers spend one third of their time in meetings, one third reporting and responding to queries, and one third in deals with their team. With little available time, they need to coach with maximum impact in a minimum amount of time. That is why developed the Tribe Leader coaching program.

Improve Revenue

The Tribe Leader sales coaching program ensures sales leaders coach their teams and scale sales success by creating a maximum IMPACT in a minimum amount of time. And this starts with Improving Revenue.

Other sales coaching frameworks focus on developing the individual first and foremost. This creates friction because the sales environment is so heavily focused on generating revenue. The IMPACT sales coaching framework does not fight this revenue focus but works with it. Tribe Leaders prioritize revenue first, and from revenue successes, builds skills and behaviors that scale further sales successes.

Traditional coaching is one-to-one. In a sales environment, sales managers can’t cope with the volume of coaching required and become a bottleneck. Tribe Leaders overcome this problem by coaching one-to-many and remove the bottleneck. 

To become adopted, sales coaching needs to be simple. The Tribe Leader coaching program is like no other coaching framework because it is specifically designed to scale sales success in a busy commercial environment. This reduces friction, reduces theory overload, and reduces the time to sales IMPACT.   


Sales managers are expected to coach one-to-one. That puts a serious constraint on the volume of coaching that can be achieved—a good example of an artificial glass ceiling. So, what we’ve done with Tribe, is grab some high explosives and duct-taped them to that glass ceiling. From a safe distance, we’ve detonated the explosives and watched the glass ceiling smash and fall. Tribe is not a one-to-one experience. That’s not as scalable and reduces tribal knowledge-sharing opportunities. It’s a one-to-many coaching experience and a many-to-many coaching experience too.

Process Simplicity

Coaching, like selling, is about managing a conversation. Making coaching too complicated means that it won’t stick. In a dynamic sales environment, complex processes become a liability and counterproductive to generating revenue. use the same simple four-step process for coaching conversations that we use for sales conversations. There’s only one process to learn, and it’s as simple as drawing a GRID on a piece of paper. There are no excuses here!

GRID is a ‘start anywhere move anywhere’ conversation management tool created by It ensures all the relevant parts of the coaching conversation are covered. What’s their goal? What’s the current state and the desired future state? What options are available to achieve the goal? What are they deciding to commit to?

GRID proves that the coaching process does not need to be complicated and that the customer conversation framework can be the same, reducing sales operational complexity.

AI and Technology

In a sales environment, non-revenue generating activities always take a back seat. For this reason, any time spent coaching is at a premium. make sure coaches can use technology to maximize this valuable coaching time.

Technology can help coaches with memory recall, observation, interpretation, visualization, proof, and encouragement. Technology can enhance monitoring progress towards goals. It can build a richer picture of what the coachee is saying or not saying. Technology can help develop alternative options, track decisions, and create nudges to reinforce target competencies. Technology can capture tribal knowledge which is immediately usable as enablement assets for other team members.

Technology can get in the way of effective coaching when it is purchased and not embedded in how the coach operates. make sure that technology becomes an asset to the sales organization and not a liability.

Cognitive Diversity

Customers have complex problems to solve. If salespeople can help solve those complex customer problems, they’ll be invited into the buying process. If they’re invited into the buying process, they can use the sales process to influence the decision-making and win the deal. If we want to get good at solving complex customer problems, it makes sense to maximize the innovation and problem-solving resources and capabilities of the team. That means teamwork and a Tribe that can challenge each other’s thinking and contribute diverse perspectives. Working as individuals to solve complex problems is not a model or trend we see elsewhere. The rest of the world is walking in exactly the opposite direction. Tribe creates a forum for sales team cognitive diversity to translate into competitive advantage in the sales process.

Tribal Knowledge

In most sales organizations, there is a large amount of knowledge about products, customers, and processes only known to certain salespeople. This information is called Tribal Knowledge, and it is often known only to the most successful salespeople. Being unable to harness Tribal Knowledge is a challenge for many sales organizations but particularly for rapidly growing companies.

IMPACT Sales Coaching turns this around by showing coaches how to capture Tribal Knowledge and share actionable deal insights across the sales team. Because this is how salespeople actually learn, it is 80% more effective than traditional sales enablement AND has an immediate impact on revenue.


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