We just want to say a massive

For being so fabulous and helping us with Simu.ly and our book DECODE. You should already have your copy of the book, and so we thought you’d want to see the ways that you can support.

Ways that you can support

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Let us know the name and email of someone you think would benefit from the book and we will send a copy from you at no charge. Simply fill out the form at the bottom of this page and we will send them a $50 copy of DECODE from you.


Let people know what you think! Because we sent you a copy of the book, you can give a review on amazon as an expert.

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We value your opinion and so will include a quote from you in the book, just email one to us, and we will include it in the book and let you know when that has been done.


Let's collaborate! If you you'd like a guest to talk to your colleagues about sales, coaching, simulations and AI, or anything in the book, we would love to collaborate.


DECODE is for anyone who wants certainty over what constitutes effective selling in their sales organization. For the first time, thanks to artificial intelligence, we can DECODE what works within specific sales teams, not just as a profession as a whole.


Scaling what actually works for your salespeople in your market will create a significant competitive sales advantage, especially with the changes required to adapt to the post COVID19 environment.


Deal Simulations, using buyers and AI, create opportunities for sales enablement inside the sales process when it is needed most, when it is being asked for by salespeople and sales leaders, when learning is most effective and they have an immediate impact on revenue.