Why Do You Win or Lose?

As our environment and customers change, the reasons we win or lose deals change too. We all intuitively know this and that we should learn from won and lost deals, but most often, we don’t. Our focus on the next sale prevents us from taking the time to do this. After all, learning is essential, but it’s never urgent. And when we do get around to doing win/loss reviews, our cognitive biases can get in the way of revealing the unpalatable truths and blindspots in which the lessons hide.

As part of your sales enablement cadence, Simu.ly can deploy a DealCheck program to capture the tribal knowledge from closed won and lost deals. Deal Coaches use conversational AI to systematically review closed-won and lost deals with your salespeople and with customers. This speeds up the process and creates enablement assets that can be quickly deployed.

AI Driven Conversations

Conversations on closed won/lost deals are recorded and analyzed by Artificial Intelligence, which reduces the time it takes to create and maximizes the insights gained.

Salespeople learn best from each other. Seeing how another salesperson has won a deal provides a rapid, credible, and contextualized learning opportunity. Simu.ly uses artificial intelligence (AI) in simulations to capture these valuable examples of tribal knowledge and feed them rapidly back into the enablement cycle.

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