What Are Deal Simulations?

We create a simulated company that provides a credible context for the sale. A buyer-coach who knows the appropriate challenges and opportunities is the target to sell to. Salespeople practice cold calling, discovery, pitching, negotiating, and closing with the buyer-coach who knows how to buy your products and how to coach your salespeople on their performance. Feedback is immediate, compelling, and backed up by artificial intelligence.

Why Use Deal Simulations?

Simulations assess and embed skills quickly where the cost of failure is high. Surgeons, astronauts, and pilots are examples where they need to acquire skills quickly and where they can make mistakes without putting people at risk. Simulations are the most effective form of enablement because they are practical and not theoretical, and because of the immediate and accurate feedback given. Simulations allow people to apply new skills with consequences but without risk in the real world.

Deal Simulations allow salespeople to acquire skills quickly and apply them in an environment where there is no risk of losing deals. Most sales organizations train salespeople in theory, and salespeople practice these new skills on prospects, putting deals at risk. Working remotely, the opportunity for accurate feedback is limited to their manager’s bandwidth, which reduces scalability.


AI Driven Simulations

Salespeople learn best from each other. Seeing how another salesperson solves a common problem provides a rapid, credible, and contextualized learning opportuntiy. Simu.ly use artificial intelligence (AI) in simulations to capture these valuable examples of tribal knowledge and feed them rapidly back into the enablement cycle.


Penny & Moore Data Breach

A data breach at Penny & Moore is the compelling event that kick starts this deal simulation through the breaking news video. Next, the sales people are given a lead with the name of a contact at Penny & Moore, along with places to research. The delegates then arrange a time to call the contact at Penny & Moore. The sales meeting takes place over video and is scored. After the meeting, feedback is given to the delegate and scores added to the score board. The delegate with the highest scores wins the deal and the simulation.

1) Lead Comes In

2) Call Arranged

3) Sales Meeting Held Over Video

4) Performance Tracked

DECODE the Book

DECODE is a comprehensive guide on how to set up and run Deal Simulations. Available on amazon using the link below, or fill out the form to discuss Deal Simulations and we’ll send you a complimentary copy.


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