What Are Deal Hacks?

We all know life hacks. They are tricks, shortcuts, or skills that increase productivity and efficiency in all walks of life. A good example is putting a rubber band across a paint can to reduce drips on the side of the can. They’re so useful they spread like wildfire despite having no enablement budget. Deal Hacks are like life hacks but for deals.

When salespeople work collectively on a deal, they instinctively contribute the best ways to close the deal based on their experience of winning and losing deals. In Deal Hack sessions, such hacks are captured, pressure tested, and used to create a close plan for the deal. Salespeople in the sessions learn the hacks from each other, and the hacks are subsequently distributed across the wider sales organization to improve organizational sales effectiveness.

Drive Revenue and Capture Tribal Knowledge

Traditional efforts to improve sales capability and scale a repeatable sales process have resulted in most salespeople (76%) wanting their companies to reduce sales enablement complexity, and they now avoid the sales playbook when they can. Simu.ly have created Deal Hacks to turn this around by capturing Tribal Knowledge and focusing on learning inside deals. Because Deal Hacks are based on how salespeople actually learn, they are 80% more effective than traditional sales enablement interventions AND have an immediate impact on revenue.


The Deal Hack Book

The Deal Hack book is a comprehensive guide on how to set up and run Deal Hack programs. Available on amazon using the link below, or fill out the form to discuss Deal Hacks and we’ll send you a complimentary copy.


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