Your Branded Sales Playbook

The best salespeople can differentiate, influence, question, handle objections, negotiate and close. These are sales plays, and the most successful companies capture and scale sales effectiveness through a playbook.

Your playbook is the blueprint for sales success. Your salespeople will use the tools and methods in the playbook to drive prospects through the buying process. Because the buying process is constantly changing, we create dynamic playbooks that are responsive to buyer changes.

We help companies that are developing their first sales playbook. We also help companies that have a mixture of different sales methodologies that have evolved over time. We simplify these and create a bespoke branded playbook. A brand that is identifiable and becomes part of the value that is sold to customers.

Playbook Examples

Unblock Sales Manager Coaching

Sales managers spend time in meetings, reporting, responding to queries, and supporting deals. With little available time to coach, a bottleneck is created. This bottleneck reduces the ability of the team to grow. Salespeople are experts in coaching customers through the sales process, so why not use the salespeople to coach each other on deals? This reduces the coaching bottleneck, and that is why developed the Tribe Leader coaching program.

Harness the Power of Tribes

According to Gartner, 76% of salespeople feel sales enablement is too complex. Salespeople tell us they have too many non-selling activities and receive too much information that can’t be directly applied in deals.

Salespeople want knowledge they can apply immediately into their deals, and the richest source of this knowledge is the sales tribe itself. Through deal wins and losses salespeople gain tribal knowledge. develops sales enablement programs that capture and scale tribal sales knowledge. This is what salespeople want and what will make the most immediate and direct impact on sales results. We deploy a cadence of weekly Tribe Gatherings that comprise rapid learning, sharing of tribal knowledge, and coaching.

Removing the Bottleneck of Coaching

According to Morgan McCall of the Centre for Creative Leadership 70% of what salespeople learn is from experience, 20% is from their social interactions, and 10% is from traditional learning. Deal Simulations allow salespeople to learn from the experience of working in deals (70%) and to learn from each other too (20%). This combined learning level of 90% in Deal Simulations contrasts sharply with the 10% expected from traditional learning like classroom training and e-learning. Not only are Deal Simulations more engaging, relevant and fun, they build a library of examples and allow sales leaders to assess how their salespeople perform when executing in customer interactions.

Tribe Leaders

With little time for coaching, sales managers become a coaching bottleneck. Salespeople can coach the customer through the buying process and so can coach each other too.

Tribe Leader

Deal Simulations®

60 minute individual coaching sessions with a buyer-coach from a simulated customer. Used for simulating discovery, presenting, negotiating and closing.

Deal Simulations


An Inside Out Approach

We believe that the answers to sales success lie in the interactions between salespeople and customers. partner with sales organizations to capture and pressure test insights from sales and customer interactions. We create and deploy sales playbooks, coaching playbooks, and enablement initiatives based on sales and customer interactions to drive engagement and sales success.

Use of Technologies

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is making a significant impact on sales performance at the transactional end of the sales spectrum. But applying AI to complex value-based selling requires a different approach. have developed a successful way of using AI to enhance sales enablement and complex value based deals through Deal Hacks and Deal Simulations.

Unrivalled Experience deal coaches have significant experience of working across major brands with many different sales methodologies. This experience makes us methodology agnostic to the point that we make a sales methodology just for you.

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